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VCI Update

Ministry Team Fall Letter Click Here

Proposed Structure

Information meeting September 18  9:40 am

Special Church Conference vote  September 22  7pm

Download a pdf of the Plan Details  Click Here

Printed copies will be available in church office

Policy Governance Task Force Update

As reported in July the Policy Governance Task Force has been working to create a proposal for restructuring the leadership of the Church. At a high level, it can be best described as a model whereby the leadership team is focused on the “Ends” (Mission, Vision and high-level ministry goals) and the staff and ministry teams is focused on the “Means” (how we will achieve the Mission, Vision and high-level goals through ministry). The work of the Task Force is progressing forward.

In July the draft structure was presented to Church Council and Lay Leadership, where valuable feedback and input was received. Following those meetings the Task Force was busy drafting a proposal for the District Superintendent, whose approval is required before it can be presented to the congregation at a Charge Conference. The draft was sent in late July and we are now awaiting feedback.

Next up for the Task Force is presentation of the draft proposed structure at a Town Hall meeting on August 21. This meeting will convene between the Sunday services and is open to all. We encourage you to attend to learn more about the upcoming proposal and to ask any questions you might have. Following the August Town Hall meeting additional meetings may be scheduled to facilitate feedback and understanding.

After all reviews are conducted (and subsequent revisions made), and pending approval from the District Superintendent, the Task Force will make a proposal to the entire congregation at a Charge Conference, which is being planned for the end of September.

Task Force Members: Kevin Virta, Jean Russner, Matt Carr, Kent Jagnow, Bill Rocker, Pastor Lynn Pier-Fitzgerald.

Ministry Audit Information

Town Hall Meeting

Next Town Hall Meeting November 1, 2015

July 12, updates

Several groups updated their progress toward meeting the VCI goals Full minutes of the meeting are available Click Here.

Click here to read the progress presented in chart form.

Updated information

Our vision for First United Methodist Church of Holland:

A grace-filled community aflame with God’s love for the world

Watch for more information about the vision.  Talk about it, study it and learn what it will take to make it our reality as a congregation.


VCI results of the February 15 Vote.

Yes: 189

No:    10

Abstain: 6


Volunteer Committees being filled

The work of VCI is just beginning.  Over the next few months several small committees and groups will need to be formed to steer the changes necessary to increase and maintain our vitality.

Here is a list of the committees.   Prayerfully consider how you may fit into one of these groups.  Contact the church office at 616-396-5205  or  Pam Wehrmeyer

Some of the committees are filling.  There will continue to be a need so consider where you might fit.

  • 3-5 persons to facilitate ministry audit to align the church’s ministries with the vision.
    • Al Minert
    • Tania Dozeman
    • Navyne Kline
    • Pat Barrett
    • Rick George
  • 3-5 persons for a Discipleship Pathway Team.  This team will create an intentional design of spiritual formation.
    • Katie Curneal
    • Dave Minnich
    • Jan Sampson
    • Jim Chamness
    • Alice Ward 
  • 3-5 persons to form a Leadership Development Team
    • Kim Fellwock
    • Mary Inman
    • Kathy Walton
  • 3-5 persons to develop a policy Governance Task Force 
    • Kevin Virta – Chairperson
    • Jean Russner
    • Matt Carr
    • Bill Rocker
    • Kent Jagnow
  • 6-8 persons to serve on a Worship Design Team
    • John Buttrey
    • Paul Chamness
    • Tracy Virta
    • Kay Nammovich
    • Andy Snyder
    • Elise Dye
    • Heidi DeMoss
    • Dave Salisbury
    • Dave Hall
    • Brad Haveman-Gould
    • Sharen Dinkins
    • David Newton
  • 3-4 persons to serve on a Welcome Team
    • Mary DeRidder
    • Georgianne (Gigi) Virta
    • Diane Murray
    • Peg Minert
  • 2-3 persons to create a Marketing Team
    • Chelsea Hall
    • Ron Rhodes
    • Heidi Chamness
  • Vision Writing Team
    • George Ward
    • Liz Carr
    • Sharon Rocker

These 23 – 35 persons will only be the core of the process. Other people will be needed and recruited as we move forward.   In the end, all members of the congregation must be involved for this to be successful.

Full descriptions of team functions can be found in the full report from the VCI Consultation weekend laid out below.


Read the entire report click on image below


Listen to the entire Report Click Here (Q/A in the last 15-20 minutes)


Readiness 360 Survey Results  Click Here



Join The VCI Prayer Team

VCI is looking for a few church members that would be interested in joining the VCI prayer team. Our purpose will be giving the congrega-tion ideas and directions on how to pray for the Vital Church Initiative, our church, our church neighbor-hood, and any other ideas that are needed. Once we have a group of members that are interested, we will make a group decision as to when and how often we should meet. Most of our connections will be via the Internet. If you are interested or have any questions, please call Cindy Helder 616-848-7204.

Your VCI questions from Michigan Area UMC on Vimeo.


VCI is a step by step plan for church revitalization offered to local congregations by the Annual Conference. A team of laity and I have completed Phase I of the plan. We spent 9 months reading, at-tending trainings, and learning about the new opportunities and challenges of be-coming a growing, vital congregation. The VCI Team recommended that we move to the next step of the plan—Phase II. The Conference leadership has invited our congregation to make that next step. The Church Council will vote on whether to move to Phase II this summer.

Phase II of VCI centers around a week-end Consultation at our church. In the months before the Consultation data about the church, the community and the ministry using demographics and various tools to survey the congregation. Mystery visitors come to worship and write feed-back forms about their experience. All this information is received by the Consultation Team who are trained laity and clergy. On the weekend itself, they come to the church to listen, to teach, and set out information and recommend goals for the church, called Prescriptions. They will report to us 5 Strengths, 5 Weaknesses, and 5 Prescriptions. After a series of town meetings to discuss the report, a Church Conference is held to vote on whether or not to accept the 5 Prescriptions for our church. If they are accepted, the work begins using action steps which are outlined in the report to learn and grow toward revitalization.

Later this summer, the VCI Team will offer some information steps regarding Phase II. Also, our Adult Education Director, Heidi DeMoss is offering classes on Sundays between worship services which share some of the information the VCI Team learned this year.

Read information from Team members: Click Here

Just as we prayed for the Miracle Sunday, let us pray that God will lead us as we consider moving ahead with the Vital Church Initiative. –Pastor Lynn

Read More about VCI  Click Here
Statistics about VCI  Click Here
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