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Stephen Ministry

SS_logo_small_dark_blueStephen Ministry equips lay people to provide confidential, one-to-one Christian care to individuals in the community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. Individuals needing care are assigned a carefully trained Stephen Minister who begins to meet with the individual. After each Stephen Minister is assigned a care receiver, what kind of additional support do the ministers receive? Who helps the Stephen Minister if the care receiver presents a new situation? The Stephen Ministry program provides much more than training materials. It also provides the “tools” for this type of question.  The Ministers talk within the group, not about individuals (they do not breach confidentiality even within the supervision sessions), but about any unusual situations. For example, a Stephen Minister might say, “ My receiver mentioned her granddaughter has started telephoning several times a day, crying. Please help me to determine what to do next. Should this problem should be referred to a county agency?” Another , less dramatic but more common, question might be, “ Can someone give me some book titles? My receiver wants to try mysteries, and I don’t know any.” The experiences of the other ministers, and published materials from the national organization, lead the group  to discuss, advise, and work to solve the question. The Stephen Ministers also rely on the support of the First United Methodist faith community. Please keep them in your prayers. Stephen Ministry has been a part of Holland First United Methodist for over thirty years.  In that time, Stephen Ministers have provided loving care for countless individuals in many situations. We currently have nineteen Stephen Ministers serving members of our congregation and community.  We encourage you to join this group.

The latest group of Stephen Ministers have completed much of their 50 hours of training, and will soon be ready to do “for real” what they have been learning through role-playing and study — to provide Christian care and a listening ear for people in need.

Their training has covered such topics as: treating the elderly, listening skills, and dealing with bereavement. These Stephen Ministers have listened to guest speakers who talked about social work and hospital calls. One presenter gave the group information on 211: the area community service referral organization. They have read books and articles; they even had homework!

Current leadership of the ministry is:

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