Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Small Groups

Small Group is a commitment that will bring you closer to God, grow your understanding of yourself and God, and bring you into deeper fellowship with some other Christians who are seeking the same thing. Supporting each other in our growing discipleship and building connections with each other is what Small Groups is about.

There are different types of Small Groups that give you dif-ferent ways of moving forward in your discipleship.

Our more traditionally styled Small Groups use a study of some type. The members of these groups learn about various Christian topics and the Christian faith itself. Studying to-gether in an information driven Small Group can be a great way to learn more about the faith, and open yourself to the others in community.

Our new Life Groups move right into how you are trying to live each day, see God’s presence in your life, and grow deeper in your discipleship. The focus is not on learning, but on doing.

If you haven’t tired a Small Group or Life Group yet, talk with one of the leaders, a member, or Heidi and find out more.

Life Groups

A new kind of small group where you don’t study how to be a Christian, you share with each other what being you, and looking for God, and trying your best, and maybe failing was like this week. And you open yourself to listening while others do the same. All with the hope that God’s grace will transform your life, and their lives, in deep and lasting ways over time together. No materials to read or prepare. Just a sincere desire to grow your faith.

Life Group Meeting times

Wednesday Evening Life Group 7 pm
Guided by Lisa Snyder at the Snyder Home  Call Lisa(616)566-6328 or Heidi DeMoss Everyone is welcome!

Want to know more sooner? Contact:  Heidi DeMossLisa and Andy Snyder

Small Groups

Sunday Night Group
5:30pm Sunday Evening
Led by George Ward
Meets in Lounge
This group is larger, but welcomes you to join them.

Coffee Klatz & Conversation
9:30 am Monday Morning
Led by David Newton Lounge

Ladies Only 1 pm Monday Afternoons
contact Marsha Burnham Care Ministry Office
(every other week)

Monday Evening Group (Wallace Group)
7 pm Monday Evening (every other week)

Everyone is welcome!

The Fiber Arts Fellowship meets 2nd and 4th Tuesday
2-4 PM in Lounge

Tuesday Night Group
7:30 pm Tuesday Evening
Steve and Sandy Snyder Sr. Snyder home

 Women’s Spiritual Growth Group
 Led by Tania Dozeman
We are a community of intergenerational women who recognize our longing to know God more and who through mutual mentoring support one another as we grow spiritually.

To sign up or for more information contact Tania Dozeman at

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