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We invite you to submit your prayer request below so that the faith community can pray for you. If you have a need beyond prayer, and would like a member of the Care Team to be in contact with you, please contact Rev. Brad at 616-528-0152 or

Prayer Requests

We invite you to join us in praying for the needs below. To let the person know you are praying for them, please click on the praying hands. If they chose to receive an email notification when someone is praying for them, they will be notified. If you would like to contact the person requesting prayer, please click on "CONTACT INFO" and you will see the way in which the person requesting prayers would like to receive communication, Thank you for being a part of this vital prayer ministry! 


Please pray for members of my family who suffer from depression and anxiety. It is stealing away wonderful parts of their lives and their sadness is hard to bear. Please pray for me as I try to hold everything together.


Our brother-in-law is coping with serious spinal stenosis that is greatly affecting his quality of life. Prayers for him and my sister, who also has health concerns, as she cares for him and they cope with their situation in this time of isolation from family and friends.


Update on Our daughter’s family friend Bryan: he has been released to home from Mary Freebed and will continue receiving physical therapy on his left side. Prayers for continued improvement.


Prayers for Pastor Brad and for the family and friends of his brother MJ, who passed away this morning (July 5) just before 2am.


Sally Garrett's update: Sally is now home with IV PIC and Port. Family will be administering antibiotics for further recovery from her bacterial Meningitis. Hopefully, she will continue to recover. Then we can proceed with her back surgery requirements. Prayers continue to be needed and are appreciated.