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Text: James 2:1-10, 14-17.  The Message

Discussion Questions:

  1. .  Great Expectations for our church include participating in worship to connect with God, being in community, particularly “core groups” and serving with people out in the world to build God’s kingdom.  Do these three items seem to cover the essentials of a life of faith?  Would you add anything?

    2.  Brad asserts that the United States (post-World War II) became an economic powerhouse by default which led to a way of serving that focused on doing things for people because we had so much and there was so much need.  Does this sound like a pattern of service (mission) the Church in the US fell into?

    3.  When the Jesus and James describe about the Kingdom of God they consistently make the point that a) the kingdom is open for all and b) those are on the margins are brought to the center. Do you agree that God has a preference for those who are marginalized in this world?

    4.   Brad asserts that if those on the margins of society are centered in the Kingdom of God then we can’t just do things for people but must be in community with people.  How does reframing our perspective from “for” to “with” change the way we do servant ministry?