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Fiber Arts Fellowship


Fiber Arts Fellowship has been gradually changing its focus from a
local church care group to an outreach for the community and the
world. It happened simply enough when we gifted prayer shawls
on mission trips to an Indian Reservation, Detroit and Central America.

Next, we saw a need at Holland Heights for warmth during winter recesses and started to knit scarves and mittens. Then the Community Kitchen meal began at our church and we knew there was a real need for gloves, mittens and hats during the cold winter months. We even added some prayer shawls to their tables. Church members who served at the meals saw the items being discovered with such joy. We couldn’t knit fast enough, as items were usually taken the day they were first offered. A grief group asked if we would make prayer pockets for their members. One day a member asked if she could select an item to go to a friend in Germany; another asked for one to go to Mexico for his mother. Now we were international! A prayer shawl recipient came to the office and asked if she could contribute for yarn. So we have become outreach-oriented and intend to follow this direction, as well as, care for our members. We thank you for your outstanding support of this ministry! We meet at 1pm in the
Lounge, usually the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, although the summer schedule is just once a month. Watch in the bulletin for meetings. The group consists of mostly knitters but would welcome
crocheting and quilting for lap quilts.

For questions, please contact
Jane Smith at 616-294-1292 or Loretta Tiethof at 616-848-1423.

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