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Holiday Party

On Saturday, December 15, there will be an opportunity for everyone in our congregation to give of ourselves and celebrate!

The Community Kitchen Holiday Party is an event with the guests of the Community Action House/ Community Kitchen, which operated in our church over the past year.

We will share a meal and play games together, including “Bingo,” with a variety of gift and household items available as “prizes.” The intent is to welcome back into our church those who have been a part of the daily lunches and to enjoy a holiday event together. During the event, FUMC members will enjoy the meal and games along with our guests, in community together!

How can you be involved?

Donate to the Bread Pan Offering on November 18th to cover the meal and supply costs.

Donate gift and household items through December 2nd to be used as prizes. A list of suggested items is found here, outside the sanctuary.

Plan to celebrate with us on Saturday, December 15 from 1:00-3:00pm. Bring a large salad and/or dessert to share, along with any utensils or hot pads needed (label everything with your name to make sure you get it back).

Sign up to help set up and decorate, clean up, or run the dishwasher for the event. Email LuAnne Stanley Hook by clicking on her name.

Come and join in this day of giving of ourselves and the love of Christ to many in our community.

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