Student ministry at First

About us...

We value young people, and see them not as just the future of the church, but as a vital part of our present church

We offer many opportunities for growth in faith and leadership for all youth, from 6th through 12th grades, through classes, special events, mission trips, and opportunities to serve in the congregation and community. Our Current calendar of all Student Ministry events can be found here

Our 2022-2023 Sunday offerings are

  • Sunday School welcome to all students 6-12th grade. Meets 9:30-10:30 am
  • Confirmation Class meets twice a month October-April 9:30-10:40 am. 
  • Youth Group welcome to all students 6-12th grade. Meets 12-2 pm. Lunch is  provided by parents and volunteers. Interested in helping provide a meal? Sign up here!

Youth Covenant

Each year the students create a covenant. An agreement created by the youth, and to be honored by us all. This years covenant is as follows.

Created 10/09/2022 by youth and leaders

We will…

  • “Try our best”

  • Find a “balance between chaos and calmness”

  • “Speak so nice, not so mean”

  • Have “open minds, and open hearts”

  • Be “inclusive, and non judgmental”

  • “Listen to others”

  • “Participate with a positive attitude”

  • “What is shared at youth group stays at youth group, unless it harms yourself or others” 

  • Be “empathetic and understanding”

  • “Honor your emotions, and others”

  • Have youth group be “a place where we feel like we belong”

  • “Respect yourself and others, (their emotions, opinions, bodies…)”

  • Be “Affirming of all genders, races, sexual orientations, and backgrounds”

If this space, covenant or events sounds like something you or your young person would like to explore more reach out to Sonrisa Cortes, Director of Youth Ministries, for more information. email

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The Student Ministry Team is dedicated to providing a safe space for all students. It is our goal to foster meaningful relationships, allow opportunities for the children to speak their mind, have their turn and space and to help have open, honest trusting conversations and friendships.