Finding your place

We know that it can be overwhelming to figure out a way to get plugged into a faith community. We want you to know that wherever you are in your faith life: taking your first steps, knee deep, or completely immersed, we are here to help you find your way! Sound good?  Check out the ways to get started below. If you need help, please give Rev. Tania Dozeman a call at 616-396-5205 or send her a message. 

Current Opportunities at First

At First our small group ministry operates on a four semester basis: January term, Winter term(February-April), May Term, Summer term (June-August), and Fall term (October-December).  

  • Summer Term: Exploring God in Creation: An Introduction to Celtic Spirituality

    Is nature a place you most experience God's presence? Do you believe that we are born "originally good"? In Celtic Spirituality, God is understood as speaking through two books: the Bible and creation. Bring your camping chair along and join Rev. Tania in exploring and discussing John Phillip Newell's book The Book of Creation: An Introduction to Celtic Spirituality as we open our eyes to the presence of God all around us in various parks in the area. The class will meet for 7 weeks on Wednesday evenings from 7-8 starting on July 10. Please click here to sign up!

  • Summer: Why? Making Sense of God's Will

    If you have "why" questions about the difficult things in our lives and how God is at work in them, this class is for you! Join Doug McFarland, in reading and discussing the book Why?: Making Sense of God's Will by Adam Hamilton. This class will meet for six weeks starting Sunday, June 23, and meet during the learning hour (9:40-10:30). Please click HERE to sign up and to find out more!

  • Summer term: Walk the Walk: the Journey to Inclusion

    Cool! We're a reconciling church. Now what? Join Lexi Scott and the Inclusion Team in a series of classes that will help guide you along on your journey to an inclusive heart. How does God call us to love our LGBTQ+ family? How can we help heal the wounds that we have caused? How can we forgive those who have caused harm? How can we forgive ourselves for causing harm? Come join us for casual conversations with various members of the LGBTQ+ community, as we learn how to walk the walk to inclusion together. We will make connections with LGBTQ+ folk through testimonies provided by the Reformation Project, as well as persons from our local community willing to share their experiences, and other informational references. Classes will be held at 9:40 am on Sunday June 23, July 7, July 21, and August 4. Please click HERE to sign up!

  • Summer Term: A Walk on the wild side

    Join Rev. Brad in seeking God in nature at various parks in Ottawa County! Each hike will start with an opening devotion, companionship on the trail, and end with prayer. Each hike starts at 2 p.m. and will be 60-90 minutes. The first hike will be on June 9 at Hemlock Crossings and run for six weeks (will not meet on July 7).  Please click here to sign up to receive the email notifications regarding locations.

  • Summer Term: Adult/Child Sunday Morning Class

    Join us for adult-child learning and fellowship during the 9:40am learning hour each Sunday from June 2 through July 21. The class will follow a curriculum designed to read and ponder a short Biblical passage during the week and to do art and active exploration that will help us reflect together on the passage during each session. This class is designed for parent/child participation but could also be attended with a grandchild or special mentor. 

    To find out more and to sign up, click here!

  • Summer Term: Holland First Ukes! (Play the ukulele)

    Come join together to praise God through stummin' and singing on Ukuleles! No prior knowledge is needed, we'll be teaching the basics. Or if you know how to play, you can help others get started! The goal is to enjoy making music together and to prepare to reach out and share with those in nursing homes, etc.

    To find out more and to sign up, click here!

  • Summer Term: Zentangles 2.0

    Zentangles is a very easy and approachable method of drawing that can be used to help enhance your spiritual/prayer life. If you missed the winter Zentangle class, join us for Zentangles 2.0! Now self-directed, we will continue building on our preciously learned patterns for our artwork and occasionally explore other locations seeking God's natural beauty for inspiration. Ages 10 (with a parent) and up are welcome. Previous class is helpful but not mandatory. 

    To find out more and to sign up, click here!

  • Seniors on the go (ongoing Group)

    Seniors on the Go is a fellowship group for all seniors in our congregation. We offer trips, programs, and cultural events for both men and women. We offer a close fellowship with one another while having a lot of fun and laughs!!! For more information please contact Nelda McCrocklin at or 616-994-6381. 

  • United Methodist Women (ongoing group)

    United Methodist Women is an organization that provides an opportunity for women of all ages to come together for friendship, fellowship and mission work. They meet every other month on the first Thursday. For more information contact Nelda McCrocklin at or 616-994-6381.

  • Peace with Justice (Ongoing Group)

    Through education, community out-reach, service and advocacy, we focus on race, religion, national origin, sexual identity, and gender orientation. We welcome all to join us! For more information contact George Ward ator 616-786-4761.