Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


This year’s Extravagant Generosity Stewardship Emphasis is “Generosity Transformed”.

Give to Live: How Giving Can Change Your Life by Dr. Douglas M. Lawson

4 points from Chapter 4, “Getting Involved”.

#1 Match your talent to your opportunities. Some people innately know what activities fit their talent and interests, or take a Spiritual Gifts Inventory Survey and/or complete a S.T.R.I.D.E form.

#2 Enjoy the experience. Physical, psychological and spiritual benefits can be received from sharing your time and talent. Do something that is pleasant for you that serves others.

#3 Overcome the barriers. Change “I can’t because” …. to “I can because” …!

#4 Pace yourself. Don’t overpromise or over-extend by signing up for every opportunity that comes along to serve in the church. It’s OK to be selective about how you give your time and talents.

When everyone gives their time and talent as they can, that’s all that’s needed.

Holland FUMC needs and appreciates your time, talents and treasures given in service ministries to others.

Jan Sampson, Extravagant Generosity Leader

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