Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

FUMC Administrative Teams

Leadership Team

Kevin Virta, Chair       Jean Russner     Matt Carr
Doug Dinkins              Andy Snyder      Beth Peter
Sara Vizithum            Lynn Pier-Fitzgerald (ex-officio)

The role of this new Leadership Team is:

  •  To set strategic direction, their focus is on vision, mission and long term goals, using a proactive approach
  •  To appoint liaisons to administrative committees and the Servant Discernment team (which we are still form-ing)
  •  To perform annual evaluations on the effectiveness of the ministries in both goal alignment and achievement. During the year, the ministry teams are accountable to the Sr. Pastor, who is accountable to the Leadership Team.


Conrad Mutschler, chair        Mary Buttery      Chuck Beasley
Steve Steggerda                       Susan Tebbe       Judy Visscher
Richard Van Haver

Staff Parish Relations

Joel Dye, Chair      Carolyn Hulst     Adam March
Peter Minnich        Tyler Murphy     Emily Spahr


Ken Rizzio, Chair      Dean Baumgartner     Scott Freeman
Navyne Kline             David Miller                 Steve Nottingham

Ministry Team Structure

Radical Hospitality                Georgianne Virta, Chair

Passionate Worship

Intentional Discipleship

Outreach: Risk-Taking Mission        Lauren Robinson, Chair

Extravagant Giving                 Jan Sampson, Chair