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Expense Authorization

A new “one-up expense authorization system will become effective 4/1/2018. After this date, all expense payment requests must be submitted on the “EXPENSE PAYMENT REQUEST” with all required sections completed. Receipts and/or invoices must be attached that total the requested amount. This includes credit card and debit card purchases.

Click Here to view/print the form

The person requesting payment must sign the form where indicated and have the form approved by one of the following;

1) Pastor Brad

2) A staff member who has responsibility over the area to which the request pertains.

3) The Chairperson of the committee or Ministry to which the request pertains.

Expense Request Forms can be found in the office or on the web site in the Finance area.

No requests for payment will be honored without a approved Expense Request.

Thank You for your cooperation.

The Finance Committee


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