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Church Conference September 22, 2016

First United Methodist Church

Church Conference Minutes

September 22, 2016

District Superintendent Rev. Bill Haggard welcomed everyone, offered a prayer, and called the church conference to order.

Kim Salisbury was nominated to serve as secretary for the church conference. Approved.

Jean Russner provided a brief overview of the context of the proposed Leadership Model that would be voted on. She reminded everyone that it came out of the VCI prescriptions and that a task force has been working since January 2016 to establish the proposal. She also mentioned that the proposal provides not only a difference in structure but also a difference in processes and in who reports to whom.

Rev. Haggard asked if there were any questions or discussion needed about the proposal. In answer to a question about what would happen if the proposal were voted down, Matt Carr explained that the task force would work to refine the proposal and bring it to another vote, because adopting policy governance is something that needs to be done as part of the VCI prescriptions approved at a church conference in January 2015.

Since there were no other questions or comments, ballots were distributed for a paper vote. Result: 48 votes in favor of the new Leadership model; 4 votes opposed. Approved.

Pastor Lynn Pier-Fitzgerald closed with prayer, and Rev. Haggard adjourned the church conference.


Minutes taken by Kim Salisbury.

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