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Bus Ministry Update

Thirteen years ago, a generous family provided our congregation with the memorial gift of a new bus. The 18 passenger bus was equipped with a lift for wheel-chairs and those who have trouble with stairs. Over the years, the bus has transported seniors to worship each week, provided rides to Senior Meals, and to Seniors on the Go events. It is also used by the Youth Group, including a trip to South Dakota for a mission project.

Having served us well, the old bus is demanding more service and repair than is fiscally responsible. The Trustees have determined that it is time for a new bus. In the weeks ahead, you’ll hear more about the FUMC Bus Drive. Please be in prayer and consider what you may be able to donate to the new bus drive.

In order to have a working church bus for the summer season, the Trustees have decided to take out a loan for the purchase of the bus. The “We Bring People to Christ” project will invite our members to pledge or do-nate to a fund to finance the bus purchase. As the Trustees are seeking bids, we estimate the cost of the new bus will be $70,000. Be on the lookout for a letter with more information and an invitation to give to this vital ministry.

The Bus Ministry, observations by Rick George

When I took on the role as leader for the bus ministry, I had no idea how meaningful and rewarding the task would be. It was first and foremost a task. I inherited a lot of responsibility: managing CDL licensing for the drivers which required dealing with drug tests and physical examinations, as well as the routine maintenance of the bus. Even buying gas is a chore. However, the rewards far outweigh the cost. I’ve met some wonderful people and made some good friends, not only among the passengers, but also the other drivers and folks I interact with to keep the program running.

I consider our passengers to be family. And while we’re not officially a “small group” within the church, we real-ly are a “small group”. We meet on Sunday mornings. We greet each other, glad for the opportunity to exchange our news of the week. We welcome new faces and delight in the old. After church, we reconvene and discuss the service, the message, the music. We wish each other well and leave the bus feeling loved. And while it’s not official, my motto for the bus ministry is “We bring people to Christ”. That’s the purpose of the bus. Help us continue serving that purpose.

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