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Adult Learning Opportunities

Growth groups and life groups are coming to First UMC of Holland!*

*(Pst – This is ex-citing and may be just the thing you’ve been look-ing for.)

Growth groups

Have you wanted a semester structure available to choose exciting classes, pro-grams, and groups from? Classes and groups that would only meet for a set period of time for a specific purpose which would help you grow closer to God? You are in luck! On September 10th our catalog will be avail-able and sign-ups will begin for a new semester which will begin the first week of October. With different offerings, at different times, during different days, there is bound to be something for you.

Life groups

So the whole idea of something new every semester, or breaks from the group that sup-ports you in your growth with God just doesn’t appeal to you… That’s ok, we have something for you too. If being with the same folks every week, or every other week, and growing closer to each other and God each time you meet sounds good, look at life groups. (Ok, maybe a few shorter breaks during the year…) Maybe your group gets together to study a topic, or do an activity, or just listen to each other pro-cess life. You want to be together because you know being together is helping you be a better Christian, a better Disciple. Life groups with room for you will be listed in the same catalog, available on September 10th.

Many of our ongoing Small Groups and Sunday Morning classes have chosen to embrace our new exciting model of discipleship using growth groups and life groups. Expect to see some of your favorite groups and programs listed in the coming fall catalog, and anticipate that it may be a great fit for other groups moving forward into the future.

Come to Fellowship Hall during the time between services, 9:40 – 10:30am, on September 17th to have an opportunity to meet the different leaders of our growth and life groups. Find out more about the opportunities available and register before things fill up.




FUMC Book Club

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Small Groups

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