Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

A Heart for Generosity 2018


The UMC denominational membership vows have historically expressed that we offer our “prayers, presence, gifts and service“.  These are primarily “inwardly” focused and institutional in character. They offer little insight or inspiration for disciples of Jesus Christ to engage in God’s mission of transforming the world. Earlier vows of those seeking professing membership promised to be “Christ’s representatives in the world” (UMH 34, paragraph 6), there was no reflection of the baptismal promise in the vows of membership in a local congregation.  Adding “and witness” to the list (“prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness”) may help our members, new and old, to recognize their responsibilities not only to “show up,” but to “show forth” God’s saving love in all that we do.  (2004 Book of Discipline revisions)

This is a great clarifying example of Extravagant Generosity.  ‘Showing forth’ is the ultimate example of what generosity is all about.  Giving of one’s self is the best example of extravagance.  Our stewardship program for the local church is asking you to help provide funds to operate Holland First United Methodist Church.  FUMC Holland is a community of believers.  We believe that showing forth God’s saving love for everyone is what we are all called to do.  The reality is that it costs money.  It costs money  to fund the ministries that we believe show God’s saving love. So this is why every year we have a “campaign” to call attention to the costs.  We need to remind folks that without their finical support the church as the bonding force of community could not exist.

We are always thankful for your expressions of commitment.  We will strive to do our best to be good stewards of the funds you give, but the church organization, the staff cannot control or manage what you do as the most important part of your commitment.  You are the only one that can “show forth”.  You are the one that can demonstrate God’s love for the world.  The church community, with your support, can indeed become a Grace-filled community aflame with God’s love for the world.


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