Stand against racism

Our church stands against racism. We “see very clearly that God shows no favoritism.” Acts 10

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Our Values

All are welcome here. For the love of God we really mean it, but if you are looking for the perfect church, we are NOT it. We are an imperfect group of people on a faith journey together. And, imperfect people of all ages, differing abilities, ethnicities, gender identities, income levels, races, and sexual orientations are welcome and fully included in the ever-widening circle of this faith community.


Events to Note

  • Summer Faith Development OPportunities for Adults

    Hallelujah! Summer is here!!! Are you making it a priority to be outside as much as possible this season? Us too! Check out the adult faith development opportunities from a worship experience at the Outdoor Discovery Center to women at the beach on Wednesdays to Coffee in the Courtyard and so much more! Click here to check them out and to register to join in the fun!